Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kill Teams

Strange night at my local gaming club. We only had three players to begin with so we went for a slightly modifed version of the Kill Teams mission from Battle Missions. We stuck with 200 points but allowed individual models from units that would otherwise be too large. So one guy took a single terminator armed with an assault cannon to count as his elite troops for example.

I went with a lone wolf armed with hammer and shield and five Grey Hunters plus Wulfen and Powerfist for my 200. They were up against a handful of marines and a small squad of IG, complete with Chimera. Taking the opportunity to roleplay my Lone Wolf a bit I singled out the tank as the closest thing to a monstrous creature and was able to disable it before he fled the table anyway. No true kill there, but instead my guy met his end in a one-round duel with the other terminator. Fittingly, both termies died together, crushing each other's skulls and bodies with hammer and power fist. Mine is the only one whose saga now includes the tale of his final heroic battle though :) The 3+ invulnerable save and Feel No Pain were awesome for allowing him to cover quite some distance in between combats. Game ended in a draw after my last remaining Grey Hunter duelled in close combat with an enemy scout for around 10 rounds. Yes, 10. The combat was easy - it was the continual leadership tests we were having to take before each round that was nail-biting!

Second game had four players as we were joined in combat by a collection of tau gun drones, battlesuits and fire warriors. Unfortunately my Lone Wolf got a little ping-ponged this time around though. He chose the tank again as his primary target, then altered course for the marine's terminator when it looked like the Tau were going to do for the tank, then had to turn around again when the guard actually managed to force the Tau to flee, meaning I now had to guard my rear. Our menage a trois gave the other marine player time enough to move his plasma gun and assault cannon into position to finish off my grey hunters and my Loner failed his leadership test and was removed. As I type that though I do begin to wonder whether Lone Wolf's have some protection against this happening. But then maybe thats just the way Kill Teams work. Short, messy, and violent, and all a bit of a laugh.

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