Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Last week I got a new phone - one with a decent camera too! So, to celebrate, here are some pics of my newly painted Lone Wolf/wulfen terminator.

I'm most proud of the head, of course. A friend from ym gaming club gave me a couple of metal wolf heads he had got from a french web site. I don't know what game system they came from and I can't remember the site but I could find it if anybody wanted to know.

Supergluing the metal head onto a plastic body was pretty easy although I needed to cut quite a bit of plastic out to make space (the head isn't perfect scale for the model but it works with whole wulfen thing) and shave off some of the metal. I green-stuffed up the gap and sculpted it into fur, let it dry overnight and voila.

Since I have a wolf-wing army, my guys should really be part of Logan Grimnar's Great Company. But I guess this guy didn't get the new shoulder pad. Or maybe he's too concerned with dying gloriously to bother getting it updated. Either way, the moon is based with bubonic brown, washed with ogryn flesh/gryphonne sepia (drawn into the outline of the wolf's head), then highlighted with layers of bubo brown mixed with increasing amounts of bleached bone. Pretty pleased with how it turned out. It does appear to 'glow' when seen from a short distance.

I will probably play this guy as a Lone Wolf, accompanied by a pack of Fenris wolves. I would love to play this guy against 'nids and see him hunt down some monstrous beastie and rip it up with those claws :) I doubt I'll actually play him as having the Mark - it seems a shame to waste the twin claws, but I reckon its still pretty cool to have him look this way. Maybe he doesn't have the Mark per se, but is so grief-stricken at the loss of his pack the wolf inside him is manifesting itself enough to be seen, yet still controlled, on the battlefield. Either way he will be fun to have on the table.

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