Thursday, January 19, 2012

No more Armour

Here's a weird one: GW appear to no longer sell Imperial Armour books.

I have been looking forward to buying Imperial Armour 11 for quite some time - it does contain details on two of the three armies I collect, after all. But instead of rushing to the Forgeworld site to get a copy before Christmas I held off, wanting to pay for it with Paypal and skip shipping charges by buying it from the GW site. But I am foiled! Without ceremony or announcement, Forgeworld books no longer appear for sale on the GW site (certainly not in the UK anyway and I'm too lazy to check every nationality's page).

It used to be the case that Forgeworld books were initially exclusive to their own site. The reason given was it took a while for stock to reach warehouses around the world. I figured it probably didn't hurt FW's bottom line to have that initial period of exclusivity either so I'm guessing thats the reason for this latest move.

Its strange neither GW nor FW decided to mention this change to their customers though - even stranger that GW have ignored my questions about this on their Facebook page. Well, strange for a normal customer-facing company in the modern world that thrives on including its customers in the moves they make and the things they do as a way of promoting buy-in to said company's products, anyway...

*Update* After writing a letter of complaint about getting blanked or insulted on the GW and FW Facebook pages, I got a very nice letter back from GW/FW this morning. In essence, the FW books have been pulled from the GW website simply because if they are sold that way, customers get free shipping - which means FW have to pay for it. So, to protect the margins, no more free shipping. Which is annoying because that is exactly why I was waiting for IA11 to appear on GW's site. Free shipping. Curses, foiled again.

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