Thursday, May 31, 2012

Building an Urban Base Part 2

I didn't get an awful lot done on the base today, mostly due to the long drying time of pva glue, but it is slowly moving forwards.

I had left some sand and a few prop pieces in pva glue overnight. Today I 'dressed the set' a little more.

I'm going for a sort of 'striding through the ruins of a burnt out building' scene. All that's left of the building's frame are the two back corners. There are a few floor panels still visible, lots of chopped up sprues and a few spare girders and so on from Cities of Death kits. I have also used a fair bit of greenstuff as this gives a nice sort of frame to stick other pieces in to. So there's a bit of barbed wire, some chopped up guitar wires,a couple of resin basing accessories and then yet more PVA and sand on top.

I've also laid on a fair amount of extra pva and white paint and the sides, edges and a little bit of the bottom surface. This is because my biggest worry at this stage is that the while thing melts down when I spray it all with primer. When I did a two foot square display last year, I basecoated the while thing by hand with a mix of paint, grit,polyfilla, and cheap acrylic paint before spraying. Hopefully I've done enough this time too.

We'll find out tomorrow, I guess :)

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