Friday, May 31, 2013

Deadzone Kickstarter - Key Links

Mantic's Deadzone Kickstarter is building up steam as it heads into the last weekend. This is a truly fantastic project that has grown in scale and scope along with the backer numbers and funding. From the original concept of a two-player boardgame on a paper mat, it now includes a total of six factions, each with a range of troop types, a range of modular scenery including a landing zone, a gun bunker, and ruined buildings, a custom vinyl playmat, loads of individual mercenary models, rules and models for including zombies, multi-player and large battleground rules, booster packs to increase the size of your force all the way up to army size and more, with even more stretch goals still to come.

All this is possibly too much for one front page. So, for new backers, those that are thinking of pledging and those that have been in it for a while but can't remember what update each particular bit of news was in, here's a list of the most relevant updates and youtube videos for your perusal.

There is also a bunch of cool stuff to read over on Jake Thornton's Quirkworthy blog, but I just don't have time to trawl through it just now :)


The Updates 


Concept art for accesories sprue.
Deadzone Gaming Mat description and pictures

 Secret Weapon Board and Assault Enforcers

 Ruined Battlezones and Survivor Green

Sprue Details - Pictures of Core Worlds Sprues

Landing Pad Concept Art

Building Blocks - Details of Terrain

 Antenocitis - Increased Bundle Sizes

Fortifications Battlezone concept art

 What Does a Battlezone Build? Artist Impressions of DZ Tablescapes

The Figures

Faction Focus The Enforcers

Faction Focus The Rebs 

 Faction Focus The Rebs Part 2

 Faction Focus Marauders 

Faction Focus Marauders 2 Rippers, Commandoes, Snipers and Mawbeasts Background and Sculpts

Forge Fathers Background and Some Concepts

Enforcer vs Cyphers, Asterians Background

 A Special Kind of Trooper - concept art and background for specialists

 EU Bundle Extras - Heavy Supports, Brokkrs, Nastanza

The Pathfinder Background and 3d sculpt

Stompy - Teraton sculpt and Zombieton concept art
Faction Boosters, Enforcer Booster Sculpts

Rebs Faction Booster Concept Art and Blaine Background

 Plague Faction Booster, Blaine Concept Art

Wrath Background and Concept Art

The Helfather description and concept art

 Chovar Sculpt and LOS Video

 Concept art Survivor model

Dr Simmonds Concepts and Background

Freya the Forge Father Smuggler

Resin Loot Counters, Nem-rath, Limited Edition Compendium

Kish, Plague Sphyr

Eddak P'mera Concept Art and Background plus Strider

List of Stretch Goals to $1m and Sergeant Howlett Background

Bjarg Starnafall in Drop Armour 

Goblin Stuntbot and Chief Radgrad 

Radgrad Background 

Hobgoblin Boomer and Iron Ancestor Concept Art 

Enforcer Peacekeepers Background

Extra Gameplay

 The Nexus Psi campaign

DZ Compendium, Veteran Status, Zombie Rules and Models, Concepts

Multi-mat Games and Wrath Concept Art and Background

DZ Counters, Gameplay Vid Turn 1, Plague Zombies Components

Solo Play


Shooting -

D8's -

Enforcers Background -

Faction Focus The Rebs -

Rebs Playstyle -

Faction Focus Marauders -

Marauders Second Video -

DZ Terrain - Ronnie's Intro -

Faction Focus Plague -


Beta Gameplay Part 1

 Terrain Connector Clips

Thats the lot for now. If you think there is something missing that should be on the list, leave a comment. Now go pledge!

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