Monday, June 3, 2013

Forge World's Eldar Lynx Painted

Time for a few shots of the painted Lynx and a quick summary of how it played in Apocalypse at the weekend.

I wanted a predominantly white paint job for this Biel Tan tank. After priming, I sprayed an even coat of Astronomicon Grey all over, then preshaded the recessed areas and bases of plates and surfaces with Regal Blue and pre-highlighted with pure white on raised areas and edges. I then covered this with a further basecoat of Astronomicon Grey, then built up the white by adding Skull White into the mix in several layers. Even though my airbrush is extremely basic, it is possible, particularly on such a large model as this, to get some good gradation from dark areas to light, and some strong edge highlights.

The white worked out so well, I was then left with a bit of a dilemma - as this is Biel Tan, I need to add some green, but how to do that without covering up all the work I had donepre-shading and -highlighting? I went with the panels you can see and the vanes in green and most of the gem shapes in red.

Adding some vines helps break up the large white areas a bit more, but the tank still looks overly pale and is not super-interesting to look at. I think I need to change the colours on the weapon assemblies; my first thought it to make them black to break up the space between the two forks, but a friend suggested making them green, or even just making the tip of the pulsar green. I might have to play around with a photo editor before making up my mind.

As for fighting, well this thing was great in a 6k a side game last weekend. As my side was going second I had to keep the Lynx in reserve to make sure I got the Titan Holofield save when it came on. It went toe-to-toe with a Baneblade and won :) The Lynx costs more than the Imperial tank and has one less Structure Point, but its destroyer weapon and Holofields meant it destroyed the Baneblade with two shots, survived all the return fire and Blood Angels and their Stormraven shooting it at point-blank range with meltas from the rear.

If you're looking for Eldar Apocalypse on a budget, the Lynx is a great investment. Serious firepower and survivability make it a threat to any enemy :)

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