Friday, January 31, 2014

Mantic Cases and Battlefoam Bag

Here's a quick video showing what you can fit into Mantic's two sizes of plastic cases and an overview of the Mantic branded Battlefoam bag.

Foam and cases are bog money these days - there are so many great models being made and people want to take care of them. I have found the Mantic cases to be a great solution.

They are not the most glamorous bits of kit. They are a lot like VHS cassette boxes. Youngsters, google it. But with a bit of foam on each side, they hold models in place and provide hard protection against impacts. Stick them in the BF bag, also very attractively priced, and you've got a great way to carry round your Deadzone and Dreadball mini's.


  1. I found it pretty interesting that the tray dimensions are such that they're the same size as two Mantic plastic boxes next to each other. I'm not sure if Mantic still does those boxes, mind you, but I thought that was interesting.

    I think I'd kill for a standard tray size across companies, though (a la the ISO A stuff, where Tray Size X is 1/2 of Tray Size Y and 2x Tray Size Z). It bugs me that it's so problematic to juggle Sabol trays, KR Multicase trays, and all the different Battlefoam trays (because there are 8 billion different types).

  2. Yeah, the bag is designed to fit either the BF trays or the hard cases, which may or may not have been Mantic's idea. I personally don't think its worth paying for the foam trays when the cases are so cheap and yet still effective.

    I agree its a pain the trays aren't standardised though. I guess its just each little company's way of trying to lock you into using their stuff exclusively.