Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happiness is a Big Gun

Its impossible not to make the comparison - the Deadzone Defense Line is a fantastic alternative to the Agis Defense Line. It doesn't come with a quad-gun, but it does include an outlandishly large laser cannon. As well as suggesting vehicles and/or aircraft were definitely at least on the drawing board when the DZ Kickstarter was running, it makes a great piece of scenery for your tabletop.

It is not a complicated kit, but here's a quick guide to its parts and assembly.

Five pieces, one gun. you also get a two-part radar dish, but who wants that when you can have a big gun? You will need the piece in the bottom right, the one with the female sockets, and the gun itself for the next step.

This is the correct alignment of the two pieces. If you take the piece in the bottom left from the first picture, you will now find it slides in perfectly from the other side. If you line it up right. The fit on my gun was so good I could have left it at that, but I glued it just to make sure.

The plinth or mount fits into the square base. It only goes one way due to the shape. There is a sort of male/female peg and slot arrangement between the gun and the top of the plinth. I think it was intended to slide on and, again, not necessarily require glue. The fit on mine was not perfect though so I glued it. I've included a 28mm model for scale. And thats it!

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