Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tervigon - Now with Added Slime!

I have a few health issues and, when I'm feeling particularly low, I just need a big monster to build and paint to pick me up. So, here's a Tervigon from GW. I used the new Nurgle's Rot paint to make the burtsing birth sac look particularly vile.

I would highly recommend anyone else building one of these things paint the sub assemblies before gluing. A combination of feathering, washes, basic edge highlighting, and, of course, the slime paint, make it really easy to put the wrong paint in an area you already finished. If I did it again, I'd paint the birth sac seperately at least, then glue it on to the finished body.

I'm very happy with how this beastie came out. I really like the colour scheme and I think a whole army in these colours would be incredibly striking on a tabletop. Sadly, thanks to GW's crazy pricing, I won't be starting another 40k force in the foreseeable future which means this model is probably going to ebay :(

Once I've finished the rim of the base, that is. Man, I do get bored quickly!

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