Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cryx: Complete

Wow, I can't believe how easy that was! I only started my Cryx Battlegroup at the weekend and now, just five days later, I'm done! With scenic bases and everything!

If I ever get round to building a white-room, I'll put some better quality images up
 I was helped by my paint scheme being really quick and simple and hindered by the fact I needed to remove most of the figures from their bases in Monday night in order to build proper swampy bases for them. Inspired by the bases at Terrainthralls, I used Citadel's textured paints to build up parts of some of the bases, leaving other parts clear for water effects. I have used some of GW's grass clumps as well as some home-made ones using modeller's synthetic grass.

I was actually a bit worried about using the water effects, what with it being a new thing and all. But it turns out it is really simple and easy to use. You just our on a blob - its got a similar consistency to PVA glue - then tease it out to fill the area you want to look wet with an old brush or toothpick or something. Leave it for around 8 hours in a dust-free area, then repeat. This is because it tends to shrink as it dries. So what looked like an awesome puddle when you poured it will just look like a wet layer after it cures. The PP bases don't have very high lips though so I was happy to just put two layers down.

Simple as all this was though, yet another aspect of my complete failure to plan was revealed when I went to replace my models on their new awesome bases - some of them had nowhere to stand >< I figured out ways to shoehorn them all back on though without it looking too bad. But, lesson learned: build bases before sticking models down but make sure models have somewhere to stand! (This actually night not have been so much of a problem where I using, say, terminators. But, as it happens, Cryx bonejacks have big footprints and large, low slung bodies so terrain features can get in the way somewhat)

The only thing about my Cryx I'm not really happy with is their furnaces. The original No Quarter article I got my inspiration for the colour scheme from laid out  basically a series of glazes as a way of getting the OSL-type look. It kind of works. But the fiery bits don't really have that necrotite-green look I was expecting. They look a bit messy, really, so I will have to keep an eye out for suggestions on how to paint a more authentic deathly glow.

Still, I now have a fully painted and based Cryx army - just need to learn the game now!

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