Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mantic Gathering Pace, Warmachine Stalled

Todays plan had been to get my first game of Warmachine in this evening at a local club. It was all set up -until I remembered tonight is England's last group game at Euro 2012. So Warmachine is postponed for a week. Unless England have another game next Tuesday evening...

Another plan I had was to not back Mantic's Kickstarter campaign. Until they announced the next stretch goal - Angelic paladins.

Mantic has always been great value. They almost throw minis at you as they try to build momentum and support for their nascent systems and company. My problem had been they don't seen different enough from other established companies, well, from one company in particular, to be worth getting involved with. That and I don't play a fantasy battles game.

Angelic armies look pretty unique though. It also sends likely they are an elite army, i.e. small, making them quick to build and paint. Short attention span plus desire to get every model looking awesome over here.

There is only five days left to go on the Kickstarter at the time of writing and it has really picked up speed in the last week or so. At one point it seemed stalled at 60k forever. But, perhaps because of some fairly interesting looking new units (dwarf cavalry!), the funds us really picking up steam new. Even lurkers like me are nearly falling off our fence...

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