Monday, June 18, 2012

Why Overcomplicate Things?

Believe it or not, I am still a fan of Space Wolves. True, I have built several thousand points of Blood Angels, based around a love of the Stormraven, and a smaller force of Eldar, simply because they look cool. But I painted my first Space Wolf nearly three decades ago and they are the army I started with when I got back into the hobby a couple of years ago.

So, time then to write a new SW list.

I had a yearning to include Bjorn in my list (using the FW Venerable Dread - looks a bit cooler than the old Citadel model I think). He is like an uber-venerable dread. Wicked BS and WS and S. Can basically be a plasma cannon that never misses. He is an inspiring presence - but a possible millstone too. If he goes down and you don't have a model in base contact at the end of the game, big penalty in kill points games.

Lots of units then are needed to help avoid this potential kick in the nuts after the final whistle so I first went with using lots of units of Grey Hunters. I have run a nasty list with several small units of hunters before. The thing about that list is it has a dozen rockets, seven las-cannons, and a few meltas (just in case). The result of this has been I have never ever had to get my Grey Hunters out of their transports. All that long-range shooting has meant noone has gotten close enough or had the firepower to spare to schwack them. So, when I was going through my armies to pick a force for a recent Apocalypse game, I was actually pretty shocked to see how awful my Grey Hunters look.

I'm not a bad painter - now. I have spent the last couple of years learning techniques and practising and basically figuring out how to hold a brush straight. But two years ago -  not so much. Its not that they are really terribly painted. But they're not great and some aren't even really finished.

At first I figured I would simply ebay them ('reasonable paint quality, going cheap to a good home') and replace them with a new battleforce, also ebaying the surplus from that. A friend had passed on a couple of spare fantasy parts sprues with some cool looking hammers, pelts, and heads on them and I gifugred I could incorporate them into the new models.

Then, suddenly, it hit me - I have an airbrush. How much easier would it be to just spray my old wolves and repaint them? Derp...

So today I began the great repaint project. I have started with fifteen Hunters - three squads with a melta each. One has a Forge World melta that looks really cool. It has a little drum shape on the top and looks a bit like a WWII Bren gun or something. I figure I will paint them a squad at a time now the spraying is out of the way and hopefully get some painting done this evening.

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