Sunday, June 10, 2012

Finished Urban Base

I put the final later of paint on the room if my urban base this morning, then dropped it off in the shop. Yes, is still two weeks until the actual competition, but I figured I've rather have it our of the house and therefore at little risk of me accidentally breaking it in the next fortnight.

I forgot to take a picture before I packed it all up though, so here is one of it on one of my local store's gaming tables.

Apart from minimising risk, I also wanted to make space for my next project: Cryx.

I started painting then yesterday, well, the starter set, any way. I'm doing an alternate paint scheme to the traditional get one. I'm going for a rusty, weathered, swampy look, inspired by a scheme in the mini issue of No Quarter that came with the models. It goes on really quickly as I'm using a lot if washes and only two basic colours.

Right now I'm really wishing I had built the bases first though. I found some really inspiring looking swamp bases this morning. I figure I could do something almost as goods looking, but I'll be a little hampered now that I have glide the figures in place.

Whatever happens with the bases though, I'm happy about how the models are turning out. I will publish some pictures and a step by step of sorts later in the week.

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