Thursday, June 21, 2012

New(ish) Space Wolves and I'm in for Mantic

Another great sporting tournament (Euro 2012), another great opportunity to get lots of painting done. Normally I paint in my iffice, in front of the computer. The problem with that is of course there are so many distractions - FB, BBC News, Emails, etc., etc. But when there's sport on, I can stick that on the iplayer and have it running in the background, not distracting me so much I have to watch every minute, but entertaining me enough so I don't get bored. So, thank you Portugal and the Czech Republic for helping me get these guys done this evening:

Must Kill Ronaldo!

 I also took the opportunity to play a little with the camera on my new Galaxy Note, using the macro setting and a quickly set-up backdrop and strong light. Seems to work pretty well so I will think about building a more permanent one in the next few days.

These marines then are the first squad in my repainting of 15 Grey Hunters. Every squad has a melta, this one got the Forge World relic version. I love this gun, but the drum on top does look a lot like a magazine on some kind of WWII machine gun. They are from Logan Grimnar's Great Company but until I get a set of GW's decals they will just have a black left shoulder pad.

For Russ, and for Messi!
Their right pad has their pack marking though and I went for a simple black/red tooth design. Two of the marines have honour markings as well. I have left the banner blank for now, I will need to think of something suitably Fenrisian to scrawl on there at a later date.

In other news, I ordered my first 6th Edition accoutrements for 40k today. I will probably get a Gamer's Edition of the rules (it comes in a 40k satchel and probably contains dice or templates or some other optional merch), but I ordered the Psyker cards, servo-skull tape, objective dice, and, I think, munitorum dice from Wayland. Even with their discount, it still came to more than £20, so, if you've not already been sving up, expect to spend quite a bit of money just getting set up for 6th.

In other other news, I plonked down my pledge for the Mantic Kickstarter today too. Previously, fantasy wargaming has been of next to no interest to me. But Angelic Paladins...? Warrior Nuns...? I had to get behind that. I had planned to get the dwarf army and then ebay it, keeping the rules ready for when that angelic army gets released. But the dwarfs are going to be mounted on badgers! Badgers! Yeah, normally I would say, 'we don' need no steenkin' badgers!'. But these look so cool... So a difficult choice to make when the models get sent out to me next month.

Still lots more painting of Space Wolves to come though and hopefully 6th won't nerf them or do anything sily to break the game too much. Bound to be something to grumble about though :)

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