Saturday, June 30, 2012


Today was the local GW store's painting comp. After two or three weeks of sitting in the cabinet,  my Getty Knights got judged - and won! Yay for me and thanks to all that voted for me. There was actually some pretty good competition this month. I would have found it hard to choose between three or four of three other entries. Apparently I won comfortably though. Very gratifying to have put in all that work and have it recognised by others :)

While standing in the store, waiting for the judging, I had a bit of time to daydream about playing 6th edition 40k, specifically combinations odd armies forallies.

If I played my Eldar, I could use Corsairs as an ally. The funny thing about Corsairs is they can include Dark Eldar, as an elite or troops choice, I think. Might be fun to have three different types of space elves on the table.

Alternatively, Eldar can have Tau as the strongest of allies. This would mean they could be targeted for friendly psychic powers. Broadsides with Guided railguns maybe...

While not such strong allies, the idea of mixing my Wraithseer and Wraithguard with some fast moving Space Wolves or Blood Angels is also intriguing.

Then there's also the obvious conjunction of Wolves and Angels. I already have a pretty strong Space Wolves list, so I'm not sure yet what ace units from the Blood Angels codex I would want to swap in. But the effective nerfing of Stormravens as a fast transport might open up a few hundred points in that list. A las-predator could be a deadly addition. Another Land Raider, some Long Fangs, or cavalry could also be a great mix. But really, I'm most excited about the fact it appears Blood Angels priests could indeed give nearby Space Wolves FNP (albeit a nerfed version).

There's definitely a whole lot to think about in the new edition of 40k. Its a nerds paradise as we go over all the new rules, combos, tactics and strategies the game now presents. Looking forward to figuring it all out :)

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